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SEO content strategy – natural link building – keyword research – topic coverage – on page UX – page structure – Google NLP – content clusters

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5 hours training, plus examples & site analysis

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Copy is responsible for  60 to 70%  of a sites SEO performance. Be honest ... do you know how to achieve consistent results?

Is SEO dead?

Why am I asking this question? Well, if you hang around SEO circles as much as I do, you’ll hear it all of the time. 

I’m connected with hundreds of SEOs on Twitter, so I asked their opinion, and a vast amount chose to say that SEO is changing. 

However, SEO has changed, of that I’m certain. It’s become more about content that satisfies the audience than including keywords on pages. But how does Google evaluate that today? And what processes will help?

That’s what we’re here to discover.

Who is this course for?


Professional copywriters need to know how to consistently produce highly effective SEO copy, as well as benefitting from understanding how to link it, produce link-attractive articles, improve the UX of their articles and more.

Bloggers / affiliate marketers

You produce content every day and you need it to shine in Googles eyes. Learn how to research, tune and structure your content, as well as produce link-worthy articles and consider your audience and what they really want. 

Business owners

If you have a business and are producing content in order to improve SEO, you can significantly improve the effectiveness of your time by producing the right content in the right way.

White-hat SEOs

SEO tricks are becoming more difficult to achieve, and this course teaches you how to produce great quality content which will generate consistent results for the next decade.

What will you learn?

This is intended to be a course which covers everything you need to to write great SEO copy, and more besides.

Basics of SEO

  • What is Google and how does it work?
  • History of Google & key algorithm updates (including BERT and EAT)
  • How Google uses machine learning and Natural Language Processing
  • The Knowledge Graph and the Topic Graph
  • Acronyms 

User Experience (UX)

  • Why UX matters and how content can impact it
  • Monetising pages
  • Persona generation and usage
  • Scannable content & increasing dwell time on desktop & mobile

Topic research

  • Why researching topics matter
  • Keyword gaps, keyword difficulty & search volumes
  • Using tools to get the right data
  • Keyword cannibalisation
  • Topic clusters
  • Writing for different types of sites (new sites vs. mature sites)

On page SEO

  • Improving header tags (H1 to H6) & page titles
  • Relevancy & search intent
  • Topic coverage & relationships between queries
  • Clustering and outlining an article
  • An effective page structure
  • Improving the use of images
  • How pages are ranked
  • Live examples


  • What are links and why they matter
  • The 3 types of links: internal, external and backlinks
  • Anchor text
  • Topic clusters / content hubs / silos

Finishing up

  • 10 live assessments of sites & searches
  • Future of content writing
  • The one statement to remember
  • Summary points & printable crib sheet

Course Content

User Experience for Content and Articles
What to write
On page SEO
Putting it all together and examples

This  isn't an "SEO tricks"  course.

It's all of the essentials that you should be doing in order to produce the best content for Google, and getting the most back from it.

What will you need?

Computer & internet connection

You’ll need a computer or tablet capable of displaying a video. I don’t recommend viewing it on mobile. You’ll also need a stable internet connection capable of speeds which would be usable for full screen video. 

Keyword data tool

Most of the keyword data for the course is generated using SEMrush. There are alternatives, and these are also discussed. 

If you’d like to access the tool yourself, I’ve arranged a 14 day free trial (normally 7 days) in order to allow you to get through the course with SEMrush and use it to get your own data. If you decide to carry on with a subscription afterwards, I will make affiliate revenue, but there’s no requirement to do so and it will not affect the price you pay to SEMrush. I’ve linked to this offer inside the course too.

Simple to follow;  packed full of actionable tips 

I've taught Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and User Experience (UX) to many people, and they all learned most effectively when the training used a combination of examples and theory.

That's the premise behind all of my training.

Phil Drinkwater — Founder PhilDrinkwater.com

With over 20 years building a site from scratch to 1 million visitors and 200,000 conversions each year, Phil has created success from nothing.

With an online marketing agency now, Phil realises that effective copywriters are essential. 

Each piece of learning is explained with practical examples relevant to the type of learning.

This will ensure you’re perfectly prepared for each task.

You likely have uncertainty about SEO?

Gain answers to the questions which have always niggled away at the back of your mind.

What our students say

There was so much I didn't know about SEO from a copywriters perspective, but now I feel confident telling my clients "No, that's not the right way to do it".
Chelsea Haden, Copywriter
From Wales, UK
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Frank Jones
From Japan
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Jack Brownn
From London, UK